Wednesday, April 13, 2016

What 'A Lie Within A Lie' is, and what it isn't

I've been a bit hesitant to write this post, but I decided in the end I needed to be honest and open. Here's the TL;DR version:

Don't buy A Lie Within A Lie expecting a retread of Practice to Deceive. It's a different book with a different 'feel', and for some, it might not be exactly what you want. Specifically: it doesn't contain transformation scenes from the protagonist's point of view.

Here's my longer thoughts. I think A Lie Within A Lie is a great story, and sexy as hell. So do my early readers (stick around for some quotes). I hope you trust me, and I hope you love the book. But, I wanted to be clear about this so no-one buys it and then screams at me for not making it obvious. (I tried to do what I could with the description, although that might have passed some by.)

To get more technical for a second: A Lie Within A Lie was always, always going to be the story of a man being seduced by a 'woman' who could potentially be any woman he desired. Ergo, the protagonist of the story - our main character - was going to be the man, in this case, Ethan, the teenager who meets a very special woman while on vacation. Our antagonist (sort of, if we're splitting dramatic hairs here) would be said 'woman', who's introduced as Marla in the story.

While I know many of you enjoy mask fiction for the thrill of imagining that you are the person able to transform themselves, that's not the only attraction for me of the fetish. I've had the fantasy that Ethan has for pretty much my entire life; that's why I wrote the book. (Strictly speaking my fantasy was for a woman beneath the mask, but then again, I cater to the audience! Yes, I know some of you want F2F... I did write 25 'issues' of Spider-Girl fanfic after all.) I am guessing many of you will feel the same way. And I'm also guessing as a result, you'll enjoy the book.

I'll also point out that while part 1 - The Singer - is light on transformation scenes, part 2 - The Spy - is heavier. And kinkier. In all sorts of ways.

Speaking of which, I'd better get back to it. But I'll leave you with this. If, for example, you pre-ordered A Lie Within A Lie and then read the book and were deeply disappointed, please let me know, or get a refund. But please, only do that if you're really, deeply disappointed. And I doubt you will be. Fingers crossed for you.

Oh I almost forgot! Those quotes. Here's a few!

From Sally Bend's review over at Bending the Bookshelf (you can't see, but I'm blushing here):
There is a passion for detail here that you do not often come across in even the most polished, professionally published erotic literature. Ghostly Writer makes the reader see and feel each aspect of the disguise, painting a series of vivid pictures that amaze as they arouse. Readers with a fetish for masking, dollification, female impersonation, or simple crossdressing will find a lot to admire and appreciate here. The sex is equally succulent, vibrant and intense, but never vulgar. Given how many genders are sometimes mixed in a single intimate encounter, it really is a story that crosses orientations as well as genders.
From Victor G, AKA 'the man who wrote The Substitute before I came in and messed it up':
Yet again, Ghostly Writer proves why he is the "Godfather of Online Female Mask Fiction". His detailed, erotic transformation scenes are some of the best-written I've ever read.
Last but not least, from fellow mask fiction author, Circe:
Brilliantly imaginative, deliciously erotic, and full of suspense this story is a masterclass of the genre - read it now!
Hopefully that's enough to tide you over. I would absolutely love to hear what you think of A Lie Within A Lie, and look forward to reading your reviews, too! (Oh and in case you hadn't heard, it's on sale now. Ish.)

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Now is the time for... reviews!

I thought I was being so clever by putting A Lie Within A Lie up for pre-order! Buying myself all that extra time. Which is why my body decided to contract flu, keeping me bed-ridden for a few days and effectively losing me all that time I had stored up.

Well, shit.

That also slowed down my rollout/building for the new - but it's coming, honest! (Have you given me your email over there? It'll be worth it.) And God willing, even if it looks a bit crap at the edges, it'll be live on Thursday too.

But that's not what I'm here to talk about!

Right now ol' Ghostly might well be on your mind. You might even be thinking nicely about me! Which is lovely. But thinking about me don't pay the bills! (Nor does selling books, yet, but one day....)

While you're thinking those nice thoughts, however, you can channel them in a productive and really, really helpful way! That's right, you can write a review of Practice to Deceive or Her Smile, or even both, over on Amazon!

Why does this help? Well, Amazon is all about algorithms. Books with more reviews get seen more often! If those books get seen more often, I might make more sales! Which means I get to buy that gold-plated horse I've always wanted. Did I say horse? I meant mask. Did I say gold? I meant, uh... water? Whatever's cheap.

I know for a fact that waaaaay more of you have bought a book (at least dozens!) than have left a review. And I know that it's a hassle and a chore, but it really really helps me.

So while you're waiting for Thursday: write me a review! I'll remember you in my will.

And hey if you write reviews maybe I'll even have something to give you when I'm rich and famous.

Monday, April 04, 2016

A Lie Within A Lie release date....

... should be April 14th. This is Part 1 of A Lie Within A Lie.

The book's going through Amazon's clearing process now. Assuming it doesn't get flagged, it'll be live for pre-order in a day or two.

Edit: They're quick. It's live now for pre-order.

Why pre-order? It gives me another 10 days to continue edit Part 2, so that hopefully part 2 comes out soon(ish) after Part 1...

Also worth noting: A Lie Within A Lie will be Amazon-exclusive for 90 days (at least). That means if you're a member of Kindle Unlimited you'll be able to download and read it free (yes, I still get paid, but it's based on you reading rather than a flat fee). After 90 days I will probably shop it elsewhere.

I'm still planning a paperback, by the way, but I've not done that before so I have to learn the process.

Last but not least... now is as good a time as any to mention that is a thing that exists.

EDIT: There might be some confusion so to be completely clear. A Lie Within A Lie: The Singer - which is Part 1 of the complete story - is out April 14th.

A Lie Within A Lie: The Spy is Part 2, and that'll be out... when it's out. (About 40% done editing. It's about twice the size of The Singer....)

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Title reveal, possible publication and more

It's the last day of March! Dammit, better give you an update. I'll try to make this quick. Especially for whoever left a 'Dull' reaction on my last post... ya dick.


The official title for what was long known as 'The Babysitter' is.... A Lie Within A Lie.

(I know, a little pretentious sounding, but what can you do? I love this title. I'm not going to call my books 'Seduced by a Masker' or 'My Wife, The Man' or something. I have some principles! I shall take them to my pauper's grave!)

There's two books, as I've said a few times before. Book one is subtitled The Singer. Book two is subtitled The Spy. Figure that one out.


Good news! Book one is done. Like, done done. Like, Kindle-ready-done. Like, I could put it live on Amazon this week... done.

Bad news! Book two is not done. And book two is twice the size of book one. Like, 100K words. So it's taking a while to edit! I am ploughing through (roughly one-third done) but it's taking time.

So here's the question to you: do I...

a) Release A Lie Within A Lie: The Singer ASAP and leave you hanging for a bit on The Spy?


b) Hold off until both books are done (I hope a few weeks, max...) and then release both at once so you can gobble them up together?


c) Do whatever the heck I want.

Feel free to cast your vote below in comments.


With a name, I have a cover! And I have a pretty image of said cover! So here it is. Oooooh. And yes! If possible this will be a paperback. Just think of it, right now, as a virtual one.

Oooh it's a book innit.
There's one more thing but I'm saving it. Just wanted to get this out before April 1st so you know, you believe me.

Monday, March 21, 2016

It's coming... honestly...

Yes, I'm getting impatient now too.

Editing on the 'Babysitter' is taking a while. I have a lot of other stuff going on right now and fitting it in is tricky. It doesn't help that parts of the book - especially the earlier stuff - was written years ago and my style is... a little different.

But it's going. I am this close to wrapping the first book and then I know book two will take a lot less time. I am unlikely to finish in March. However, I am pretty damn sure I can finish in April.

Along with that, I'm also... doing... something else... that will, I promise, be of benefit to you. Mysterious I know. All will be revealed etc.

You've been so lovely and patient that I want to give you an excerpt. I really do. But while editing book one I've realized that so much of it relies on being at least a little bit surprised. There's some surprises in here! (At least, I hope they will be. There's a tendency amongst mask fiction readers to assume everyone is in disguise, which means you're never surprised....) So this will have to do. One piece of fun, hot little dialogue.

She bent forward, as one of her own hands snaked around and smacked her butt cheek, hard. “Oooh… that’s right. I like it hard. I like it when you treat me rough.” She smacked her ass cheek again, then a third time, each time moaning in pleasure. “That’s it. Make me your bitch, Ethan. Make your aunt beg for you… and for your cock.”
That dirty, dirty woman. There's a lot more of that to come. Now, back to editing!

Tuesday, February 23, 2016

Er, whoops!

Has it been almost two months? It's been almost exactly two months.

The book(s) - AKA 'Babysitter' - are still coming. Down to final stages. You'll see excerpts soon, then publishing. Life got in the way a bit. But soon! Promise!

Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Unhappy Holidays

With Christmas two days away, it's pretty clear that 'Babysitter' isn't going to be finished and on virtual shelves by then. I just haven't had as much time to devote to it as hoped. Boo.

However, editing continues. I think I've said before that I think this mammoth tale is going to be split into two books, and I think I've found the perfect point to do that. In the little free time I have in the next week or so, I'm going to crack on and get to a completed, revised draft. Then it'll be time for covers, ebook creation and all that jazz. With fingers crossed, you'll see it in January.

I have plans for 2016, though. Pretty big plans. Stay tuned.

For now; happy holidays or merry Christmas or hopefully 'enjoy your time off'.

Monday, November 16, 2015

Status update... again... and what was the secret book?

... I know I know. It's been a while. I have a mixture of news, both good and maybe not-so-good. That is, if you're the impatient type. Here we go!

The Babysitter (not the title)

First Draft: complete
Reader comments: received
Editing: Happening now!
Publication: Before end of 2015... probably

I've been busy with other stuff (see below) so editing has taken a long time to get around to. I'm finally ready, and I'm finally doing it. The good news (so far) is that the book seems to work. We'll see what you think when it's done. Also I have a real title now, but I'll leave that for reveal for a cover or something.

Secret Book That Was Secret (er, also not the title)

First draft: complete
Reader comments: received
Publication: Early 2016

This is finished. Surprise! Two books in the can. And hold on to your hats because there's another surprise which is that this book is...

... a re-telling of Victor G's The Substitute... except from Darien's point of view.

If you've never read Vic's story, shame on you; good news is you can read it here. I regard it as an early classic of our 'genre'.

What you may know - either from reading at that link, or because you've got a good memory - is that The Substitute was never actually finished. However with Vic's full help and cooperation, I've finished out the story and retold the entire thing from Darien's perspective. Wondering who Darien is and why his perspective matters? Hint: he's the guy wearing a mask. Go ahead and read the original. I think you'll get an idea of what I could do with it.

Like I said, I doubt you expected that. There's a whole story behind why I came to 'reimagine' The Substitute, but I'll save that for another post.

That's it. I know I'm a slow bastard, but hopefully having two books worth of material should keep you happy for a while!

Wednesday, September 09, 2015

Status update, AKA "Where's that book?"

Yeah, I wrote a book. But where is it? Well, let's give you a status update on that and other stuff.

Since last time: got busy with a bunch of other stuff. Good stuff, productive stuff, but not stuff you need to (or probably want to) hear about.

The Babysitter (Working title) AKA The Book or Most Recent Book

First Draft: complete
Reader comments: received
Editing: Starting soon
Publication: Before end of 2015

This was the last thing I posted about. I've had some great feedback from my 'trusted circle' of early readers and I'm ready to start editing and revising. Once that's done, I'll start formatting for publication.

I'm aiming to publish this in two parts, probably. Bought together, both books will roughly equal the cost of Practice to Deceive (which went on sale originally at $8.99). Yes, each book will be shorter than PtD was, but this means their individual cost will be more in-line with usual Kindle pricing and arguably, I've got more chance at more sales.

I'm also hoping to do a paperback version of this, if I can. If that works out, I'll also go back and do a paperback version of Practice to Deceive as well, and of course, paperbacks going forward. Hint: the ebook version will still be cheapest.

Secret Book That's Secret (Umm, working title)

First draft: about 65% complete
Reader comments: in progress
Publication: Early 2016

I'm pretty sure I've never spoken about this. I don't want to spoil it, but it's probably not what you'd expect. It IS what you'd expect in that it's M2F masking... but I doubt you'll see it coming. There's a reason this has come together quick. Fingers crossed I want to finish the first draft this month.

Practice to Deceive sequel

First draft: about 25% complete
Publication: before end of 2016

The continuing adventures of Billy and friends, on the road to Comic-Con. Sequel to this, if you came in late. M2F masking, primarily, from the protagonist's PoV.

Back in 2013 I was ready to dive into this, but for various reasons I didn't. The good news on this one is that it's pretty tightly plotted all the way to the end (and I think it makes sense, which is a bonus) so I really just need to get the time and sit down and knock it out. That time, however, probably won't be available to me until early next year, and that's assuming I don't see any other major bumps. I won't forget about it though. There's way too much good stuff in this book to forget...

Anyway, that's that. I appreciate your ongoing patience and hope you stick with me. More stuff to come.